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Founded in 1999 by ceo ( Ms.kulchaya atthasuk)

We are reserve the best seat of thai boxing ticker for our visitor over ten years.

We’re prodly to present our reserved V.I.P seat as ringside which gives our visitors’s expericnce to closer clear angle of a thai fight every match.

For our V.I.P Seat as Ringside ticket Reservation, Our visitor can take photo with the championship in each fight. You will be impressed by the experience.

Special occasion, we appreciate to offer the latest services. Visiting Thailand are the most impressive experience by our best additional service as below.



If you love Muay Thai, we are friends.

You have had problems To watch Thai boxing?

Where are the competition today?

Where to tickets book?

Who are the boxers in the list?

Who are the thai boxers?



We are the best Muaythai news website.

With over 20 years of experience in Muay Thai.

We are the first to develop a program. Muay Thai Information Management And details Muaythai.

We are the media that offers information Muaythai.

The best in Thailand.

For those who love and love in Muay Thai.

We are ready to present Muaythai sports information.

For languages other than the Thai language.

For those who love Muay Thai from various countries.

Enjoy Muay Thai sports.


Just click on it. www.thaikick.net

Free subscription No membership fees.

We hope to be the media in the presentation of all aspects of Muay Thai sport.

For foreigners who love Muay Thai.

We are very proud and very pleased. There are people from many countries around the world.

Watch Muay Thai tournament.

Muay Thai is unique in Thailand.

Our team is very hopeful. To make everyone watch the Muay Thai competition. Happily

That is the ultimate goal. And our purpose




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